Colours + Brushes \\ A Paint Party

When it came time to plan a shindig for this special little girl, I looked to her interests and hobbies for theme inspo. I wanted to create an event that was gender neutral colourful and super fun for all her guests. A painting theme definitely met the criteria and, more importantly, the birthday girl LOVED the idea!!

I drew inspiration from an artist’s studio. Playing with natural wood grains, primary colours, paint splashes and canvas, it came together even better than I ever could have imagined. The dessert table was intentionally simple, yet striking, and it complimented the rest of the décor perfectly. I wanted the kids’ creativity to be centre stage and it was.

One of the highlights of the event was the massive paint canvas for the little ones. Watching them unleash their creativity was a sight to see. As birthday favours, each child received a little art kit so they could create their very own masterpiece to take home– which doubled as an activity to keep their busy minds and little bodies entertained. Parents were happy that the mess happened on-site, and not at home. Due to our advanced preparations, I’m happy to announce that no clothing or furniture was harmed in the process. *wink*